Staff Application

Nadine’s Staff Application is really where this whole project got started. The original iteration was just referred to as the ‘daily log’ and was used by staff to track who had come into the space during the day and then was used to help with billing. Nadine’s current Staff Application makes tracking subscriptions, usage, and billing easily.

Tracking Usage

Staff have the ability to see, real-time, who is signed into the space. Based on a user’s subscriptions, Nadine will set a visit as billable or waived but staff can override that easily. Nadine will send emails to staff to remind them of any tasks to be completed for checked-in members. With that information, staff can go into Nadine and mark tasks as completed or assign a task to another person. This action will lead to that task to appear on the top of the assigned person’s to-do lists until completed.

Tracking Billing

Proper billing allows the space to function well and Nadine is designed to automatically handle bill generation but allow for staff access to editing said bills. Members regularly have questions about billing and Nadine is designed to allow staff the ability to

When a person becomes a member of the space, staff can use Nadine to transfer billing information for use with an online payment platform. If at any time a member needs to update that information, staff can do so on Nadine easily. If there is no billing profile or an issue with billing, staff can set a profile as invalid which will notify the member to find staff to edit their information.

In the ‘Daily Charges’ page, Nadine displays current transactions and their statuses. Staff from here can void a payment if set in error or a cancelled membership and then can record payments.

Staff can also open current or past bills, edit line items, add custom charges (bought a t-shirt?), and email receipts.

Editing Memberships

To add, edit, or end subscriptions, Nadine is set to allow staff easy access to these tools. Nadine is not designed to allow members to change their own memberships so staff must manage this.

Staff may also edit the billing day for a user. Initially, when you start running Nadine, you should set the DEFAULT_BILLING_DAY in your local settings. The integer is the day of the month which all bills will be run. If set to 0 then billing days will be based on when a members signs up.

Member Actions

There are a number of actions staff may take with Nadine to update member information or reach out to a member.

On a member’s Staff Application profile, staff may send emails to a member, reset their password, add a note about the member only viewable by other staff, upload or delete files regarding the member (i.e. Membership Agreement), assign or delete a keycard, and edit their profile information and photo.

Settings Pages

As described in the Settings section, the are there to allow staff to create and edit elements of the space without accessing the admin interface. The editable elements are the Help Texts, Messages of the Day (displayed on tablet at sign in), Membership Packages and reservable rooms.